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Rules to be followed

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Rules to be followed Empty Rules to be followed

Message par Gahelle le Jeu 5 Mar - 19:01



So that all is held correctly and agreeably on the forum,
here are some rules to be respected.

Like a Star @ heaven Respect between Members is essential, no, COMPULSORY in fact.
Like a Star @ heaven Homophobic, racist remarks or others will be worth the immediate banishment of the troublemaker member.
Like a Star @ heaven Freedom of expression is proper,
but guff, name-calling & verbal abuses are to be prohibited!
Like a Star @ heaven Introduction is a “required” step.
Like a Star @ heaven SMS Language is strictly PROHIBITED
Like a Star @ heaven Please avoid glaring spelling mistakes and punctuate
your sentences for an ease of reading!
Like a Star @ heaven Avatars and signatures should not be imposing.
Like a Star @ heaven Flood is PROHIBITED
(There is a topic opened especially for that!)
Like a Star @ heaven Double-Post PROHIBITED
(Except exceptional cases as in the games)
Like a Star @ heaven Advertising is PROHIBITED before having done introduction step.
Like a Star @ heaven Useless or repetitive Messages will be removed.
Like a Star @ heaven Members who do not respect these rules will be banished.

Thank you to respect these little rules and have fun on the forum!


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